Ottopia: Teleassistance and Teleoperation for AV

Ottopia enables OEM and AV makers to commercialize on their autonomous offering based on remote human assistance and teleoperation.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Future Mobility

Ottopia offers best in class software for the collaboration of human operators with every type of autonomous vehicles; Ottopia is the only mass deployed remote assistance system to ensure:

  • 100% availabilityA remote human safely solves any challenge that autonomy alone cannot, enabling AVs to go anywhere.
  • Flawless customer experienceBring the missing human touch to autonomy, building customer trust.
  • Time to marketOutsource remote assistance for rapid expansion.

Our 3 offerings:

  • Tele-operationSolve the autonomous vehicle (AV) performance gap. See, hear and provide assistance at scale with remote operators.
  • Tele-supportProvide flawless customer experience for AV users. Human-to-human support with remote representatives.
  • Tele-serviceFix AV technical issues in real-time across the entire fleet. Monitor and deploy updates with remote technicians.