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Multimodality Accessibility & Inclusivity
public transportation, improve service in rural area, equitable mobility

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Local authorities, Operators, Passengers



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public transport companies, Public transport operators, mobility service provider, passengers, third party commercial suppliers

Improving Public Transportation (PT) is one of the most pressing needs for rural and peri-urban areas, allowing to foster economic development, improve social equity and better address the climate crisis. Public Transportation operated by buses in rural areas, suburbs & peri-urban or under low demand conditions, carrying 0 or few passengers per ride, is not efficient.

Operatti is an operational & tech (IT & Machine Learning) platform, developed to enable better Public Transportation services in rural areas. We improve reliability, efficiency & save cost of operation. We create smart PT based upon predefined routes and timetables. We expect savings of 50% on operational / subsidies cost, and ease drivers shortage.

Value Propositions

We improve the public transportation services in rural & peri-urban areas.

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