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Active Mobility Multimodality Mobility Infrastructure
Charging station, Bike garage, Bicycle parking station, Electric scooter parking, Personal mobility vehicle, Bike parking

Product client

Public transport authorities, Shopping Centres, Transport Station, Hospitals, Public parking, Public and private companies



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Product end user

Cyclist, Mobility services users, Kickscooters users, Employees, Intermodal transport users, Rental bikes or scooters clients

NOVALITY is a safe & smart parking solution designed to fit with the urban micro-mobility vehicles users´ needs.

All stations provide individual lockers and electric charging points to leave your vehicle, helmet and other belongings in total privacy.

Space is optimised by offering 10 lockers in only 5x2m: equivalent to a car parking space, fitted with solar panels for energy self-sufficiency. Stations can be implemented as well as underground or hybrid (semi-underground) stations.

NOVALITY´s technological platform uses PLC-based software that integrates the telematic management of parking stations, encrypted communications and the flow of reservations by users. Users registered in the app can access any geolocated parking in the network, allowing reservations to be made before arrival. The app can be connected to other transport systems, thus facilitating intermodality. Network data on mobility flow metrics through Big Data can be provided to our public or private sector clients.

Value Propositions

Secure parking stations for bicycles and scooters responding to the needs of the new urban mobility.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

Utility models:

- Subway installation with moving platform

- Installation of parking lots for light vehicles

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