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Active Mobility Multimodality
Bicycle helmet, Safety, Science, Foldable, Danish-design

Product client

consumers, owned and shared micro-mobility vehicle providers



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Product end user

Cyclists, multimodal commuters

Made with Non-Newtonian elastomers Newton-Rider is completely disrupting Bicycle helmets engineering.

Newton-Rider has created the first semi-soft helmet to give riders a much more comfortable fit and a helmet that automatically adapts to any head shape.

The helmet is only 16mm thick and thus the world's thinnest helmet.

It folds easily to be stored in a shoulder or laptop bag and therefore made for urban multi-modal transportation needs.

Value Propositions

The Newton-Rider N1 helmet is like no other: Sleek, Thin, Semi-soft and Foldable.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

Design Patents EUIPO

Utility Patent (pending)

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