Newky: Digital Key of Mobility and Physical World

Newky converts a user's mobile phone into a digital key, providing a matching user and vehicle or access management system or tool, which saves companies time and money while increasing security.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

Product Details

Designed for

Mobility service providers



Challenge Area addressed

Pollution Reduction

Newky revolutionizes access and use of vehicles, devices, and doors. 

By using biometric data and identification documents, and SMS verification, Newky converts the user's phone into a secured digital key. It's perfect for mobility-sharing companies, fleet companies, ride-hail apps, micro-mobility apps, access management systems, and public transport authorities. 

With Newky, companies save time and money, increase security, and make sure exact users are on board. 

Newky eliminates the need for physical keys, reduces the risk of loss or theft, and provides a secure and efficient way to access vehicles, devices, doors, and systems. 

Newky is a game-changer for the mobility and transportation industries, providing a secure and efficient way to access and manage assets.