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DRT, Public Transport, Off-peak, Low-density areas, On-demand

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Public transport Authority, Bus operators, Local councils, City Council



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Citizens, Public Transport Authorities, Public Transport Operators, Local Councils, Transport Associations

Nemi is an on-demand transport platform. Nemi was created using space technology to solve an increasingly relevant social issue; accessibility to and efficiency of public transport services in contexts of low demand, that includes not only sparsely populated peri-urban and rural areas with no or very limited access to public transport both also off-peaks travel times in a more urban setting.

Nemi is a tool for managing flexible bus services which includes:

  • the deployment of fully demand-responsive lines
  • the hybridization of regular lines by including request stops or
  • the hybridization of regular lines by operating them on demand during off-peak hours.

With Nemi, public transport operators can optimise their services making transport more efficient, sustainable and inclusive.

Value Propositions

Nemi makes public transport in low-density areas feasible by providing a software solution that enables flexible bus services.

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