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bike parking, bike rack, user-friendly, cycle parking, two-tier bike rack

Product client

public transport authority, architects, public sector, construction companies, cities, office buildings, residential buildings



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Product end user

cyclists, citizens, general public

Two-tier bike racks are a great way to fit more bikes into less space. However, many people find them difficult to use, as you still need to lift the bike on to the rack in the first place. Often the top levels are left empty.

The Neko Double Decker Bike Rack is as effortless as it looks, featuring a unique user-friendly angle from ground level. This means you simply wheel your bike into place and raise it to the upper level with gas-strut assist. Unlike other two-tier racks, there is no need to lift the bike at all.


We believe that products for the public space should be accessible to everyone. The Neko Double Decker is the only system which is truly easy for anybody to use, including the elderly and children, even with heavy bikes. So effortless, that the top racks are often filled first, meaning maximum space-saving. With gas strut assist and unique folding system.

This award-winning, registered design is made in Europe and available worldwide through our distribution partners.

Value Propositions

Cycling infrastructure that everyone can use with the space-saving two-tier bike rack accessible to all. No bike lifting thanks to gas-strut assistance and user-friendly design (only 24° angle).

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

Registered Design EUIPO no. 003750694-0001

Registered Design UKIPO no. 90037506940001

Registered Design IMPI no. MX/F/2016/002788

Patent CN109689996(B)

Patent Pending no. MX/A/2016/011759

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