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Active Mobility Mobility Infrastructure
MaaS mobility App, e-scooter charging station, e-scooter parking station, smart parking for scooters, smart lockers

Product client

hospitals, schools, universities, libraries, municipalities, shopping malls, cinemas, theaters, parkings, companies, offices, coworkings



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Product end user

citizens, scooter users, mobility service provider, public transport companies

Seamlessly park your electric scooter in any available slot within MyLock Scooter parking structure, revolutionizing the way you park and charge your vehicle. With the company’s innovative system, users enjoy a hassle-free experience and pay a rate per minute using a user-friendly App.

Navigate through an intuitive map feature on the app and locate the nearest parking stations. Check real-time availability to ensure you secure a spot. To further enhance your experience, MyLock Scooter’s app allows to reserve a parking slot for 20 minutes, guaranteeing a space upon arrival.

The company’s cutting-edge smart parking station is fully connected to the cloud, enabling to monitor its usage in real time. This connectivity provides live support (open doors, reset deposits, block users or lockers, or even remotely reset the system).

Value Propositions

By integrating advanced technology and seamless functionality, MyLock Scooter parking structure for electric scooters redefines the parking experience. Embrace the future of mobility!

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