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Sustainable City Logistics
MaaS mobility app, sharing services, mobility engineering services, multimodal mobility app

Product client

enterprises, car dealers, Franchise, garage netwok, Public mobility operators, fleet management companies, vehicle manufacturies



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Product end user

Citizens, public transport agencies, Municipalities, Private Operators, Enterprises, delivery companies

MOTIT Super-app is able to support the complex ecosystem made of multiple operators, vehicle types, infrastructures and business models.

Allowing to new incumbents a quick and save  "go to market".

This white labelling solution facilitates a quick adaptation to clients brand requirements.

Main characteristics:

  • Multi vehicle: allows the deployment of all kind of vehicles from e-scooters to light commercial-delivery vehicles as well as recharging stations and parkings, all under the same App
  • Multi Bussines Model: Free floating, station based, subscription, corporate sharing, delivery, bike parking, recharging stations
  • Multi Operator: the solution is ready to support from a single vertical operation (one city -one vehicle - one business case) to a complex franchise service (multi vehicle - multi business cases - multi city or country - multi fleet managers) in a smooth and scalable way
  • Easy integration with external services and solutions, throughout its APIs architecture
  • 24x7 Cloud Computing

Value Propositions

The Smart move to do. Mobility Solutions to move cities towards a better future The "all in one" superapp for managing and using shared urban mobility services.

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