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Mobility & Energy
in-vehicle payments, road tolls, parking, charging, connected cars

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car makers, oems, parking providers, road toll providers, ev charging stations, fuel stations, cities, countries



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drivers, passengers, professional drivers

MotionPass is a platform aggregating service providers across Europe (such as parking, road tolls, refueling, recharging and similar), standardising and securing all integrated data.

Car Makers and OEMs can easily integrate MotionPass into their connected car ecosystem, allowing their drivers to quickly discover and pay for any available services, anywhere, safely. 

On the other side, commercial service providers can access completely new emerging sales channels - connected cars - and significantly improve the driver's comfort and buying experience.

Additionally, the platform also provides full-fledged payment processing with automated payment methods via widely accepted payment cards as well as modern PSD2 payments (direct transfers from the driver's bank account).

Let's get in touch and build the next generation of in-car services together!

Value Propositions

MotionPass makes it easy to include commercial services (~parking, road tolls, refueling, recharging, etc.) into smart cars and allows drivers to discover and seamlessly pay for services around.

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