Mobilypod: Secure bike shelters

Bike shelters made from recycled shipping containers - Mobilypod is ultra-secure and exists in different layouts which can be tailored to the local needs of the citizens.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

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Mobility Infrastructure

Our secure Mobilypod bike hubs offer more than just shelter. It is a user experience that we intended to be responsible and solidary-based, while offering an unparalleled level of security. An infrastructure intended for companies, communities, transport operators who strives to offer serenity, service and convenience to their users.

The Mobilypod is available in different layouts & capacities which can be tailored to the local urban mobility needs. Beyond its ultra-secure aspect, our shelters can be accompanied by individual lockers, battery recharges, bike tire compressor, weather station, air chamber dispenser… and even showers, toilets or changing rooms as needed.

Our bicycle shelters are made from recycled shipping containers