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Multimodality Pollution Reduction
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OEM vehicle manufacturers, Leasing companies, Subscription companies, Sharing companies, Vehicle Retailers



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Consumers, Citizens

Consumer mobility decisions are getting more complex. With new access choices (from ownership to usership), vehicle types (from electric cars to electric scooters) and environmental concerns, people are confused about what is right for their needs. Comparing between new and traditional
options is slow, manual, complex and frustrating process.

The company's ambition is to provide every vehicle and mobility product and service within one impartial comparison website, to guide consumers to the best choice for them very quickly, saving people money, time & effort (as well as the planet). Uniquely compare financial and environmental total cost of use over time allowing comparison of diverse options.

Value Propositions

Karfu is developing an impartial vehicle & mobility comparison platform to help consumers save money, time & the planet

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Trademarks registered in the UK, EU and USA

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