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Mobility & Energy
Hydrogen refueling station, all-in-one station, Ultra mobility, Plug & Play, Temporary uses

Product client

Local authorities, Green business park, Energy operators, Vehicles manufacturers, Zero Emission Worksite



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Product end user

Hydrogen vehicle drivers

Hydrogen anytime, anywhere. Atawey Mobile stations are designed for hydrogen vehicle tests and demonstrations, for temporary applications and to take over from fixed stations during maintenance, mobile stations go to customers to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen mobility for the refueling of buses, coaches, trucks and garbage trucks, etc.

- ALL-IN-ONE station: they fit into a single space, with storage, compression, distribution and screen.

- Ultra mobility: wheel-mounted, the Mobile station goes where it's needed

- Plug & Play: Rapid installation and autonomous start-up by the operator, thanks to self-checking processes.

Value Propositions

Hydrogen anytime, anywhere. MOBILE stations are designed for temporary uses (H2 vehicle tests, demonstrations, back-up...) and go to customers to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen mobility

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