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cyclists, elderly, students

Online resellers of bicycles now have the opportunity to offer their customers an excellent customer experience. At the check-out customers have the option to order a ready to ride service from MIOO. 

Benefits for online resellers

  • Higher conversion rates amongst potential customers who do not feel confident they can safely assemble their own bikes.
  • Fewer complaints and problems for your service and support department caused by customer trying to assemble their bikes themselves.
  • Fewer returns since MIOO can remedy minor errors on site at delivery, and if any components are defective or missing, MIOO can assist with quick support.

Benefits for the customer

  • A convenient solution to get the new bike ready to ride. For those not having the time, tools or knowledge to assemble the bike themselves.
  • Professional and safe assembly of the bike
  • Professional bike-fitting
  • Opportunity to ask questions and get advice on how to maintain and take care of the new bike.

Value Propositions

Online bike resellers can partner up with MIOO and offer a professional assembly service to their customers. When the bike is delivered to customer a MIOO Bike Buddy will go there to do the assembly.

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