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Future Mobility Multimodality
Mobility as a Service, Gamification

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Mobility Operators, Public Administration, Public Transport Firms



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Miivo is a Mobility as a Service app that unifies all sustainable transport means of a city into a single platform allowing our users to plan, compare and pay for any trip with just one click. 

Moreover, Miivo integrates a gamification system based on the CO2 reduction our users achieve per trip, rewarding their behavioural change towards less polluting mobility options. 

Finally, Miivo aggregates all information regarding public transport into a single app unifying schedules, prices, maps, lines and incidences. 

Value Propositions

Miivo main value proposition is to integrate in a single app all transport apps of any city allowing to plan, compare, consult and pay with just one click.

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Brand and commercial image protection certificate.

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