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Future Mobility Multimodality
Public Transport, Cycling, Moped sharing, Scooter sharing, Mobility as a Service, Gamification

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Miivo is a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform that aims to foster sustainable and intelligent mobility. Miivo is based on 4 main cornerstones:

  • Unification: Miivo will offer its users the possibility to plan, book and pay for all their trips directly through our app. Miivo will connect all available transport means facilitating the access to an efficient, cheaper and greener alternative to private vehicles.
  • Rewarding: Miivo will include an interactive rewarding system to incentivize citizens to switch from their private vehicles to more sustainable mobility options. Moreover, joining Miivo will mean to join a great community where users will share tips, common inconveniences and interact with Miivo to solve any problem.
  • Digitalization: Miivo will include high-tech functionalities to make sustainable mobility efficient and easy to use. For example, any firm that wants to collaborate with us will be able to integrate their services with our powerful API system. This way, they will access to a control panel where they will be able to immediately update their prices, availability or promotions.
  • Personalization: user experience in the app will be unique, easy and intuitive due to our machine learning processes. Miivo will create personalized routes, challenges and offers based on the users’ patterns and preferences.

All this characteristics are organized around a high-volume and connected business model based on a 3-5% fee charged to collaborating firms. 

Value Propositions

Four good reasons for Cities to join Miivo Mobility:
  1. Miivo offers public transport firms a high-tech platform where they are able to digitalize their services at the highest levels. Real-time information about their services, accurate geolocation systems and secure digital payment gateways to buy and recharge tickets.
  2. Miivo unifies all micro mobility options in the same app so their users won’t have to install and verify their identity in each one of them. Thus, their users will accede much quicker to their services highly increasing our collaborators user conversion rate.
  3. Miivo builds a huge community around our gamification system based on rewarding our users for using more sustainable mobility options. Miivo creates interactive challenges, community-oriented activities and unique rewards.
  4. Miivo offers its users the most unique experience with personalized routes, adapted challenges and special events according to their characteristics and needs. Moreover, Miivo is an interactive platform where our users are able to communicate with us, explain their needs and propose any improvements or events they might want to have at Miivo.

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