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Mobility Infrastructure
traffic management, interoperability, modular, congestion, dynamic traffic management, mobility analysis, traffic analysis, traffic control system

Product client

municipality, system integrator, traffic department, general directorate of highways



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Product end user

municipality, traffic department, traffic signalization, general directorate of highways

METIS is an IoT-based, interoperable central traffic management and analysis platform that collects mobility related data from different data sources and turns them into actionable insights and recommendations.

How it can help for you?

  • Provides traffic management, control and big data analysis on a single centralized platform
  • Offers full control and management over the traffic network
  • Provides a reduction in traffic congestion and average travel times
  • Provides rapid intervention by providing remote control of systems and devices in the field
  • Reduces the negative environmental effects of traffic by reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption
  • Contributes to the reduction of material damage accidents in the traffic network with the possibility of rapid intervention
  • Helps to make demand-oriented improvements by providing an understanding of the city’s mobility behaviors and travel demands with analysis based on big data.

Value Propositions

A full control effect on the traffic network to reduce congestion and make traffic management operations efficient with managing and analyzing the mobility of the city from a single center

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