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Sustainable City Logistics Mobility & Energy
last-mile logistics, delivery, last mile delivery, electric vehicles

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retailers, e-commerce, postal agencies, couriers



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delivery drivers

MellowVans are electric delivery vehicles that provide class-leading range, capacity, and technology. They are unique in a niche market segment, replacing both traditional motorcycle-type deliveries often used in the food delivery category and light van-based deliveries, used for e-commerce and parcels. Each vehicle runs at less than a euro per day in operational cost, provides over 130 km of range, and features 2.4 cubic meters of space, which is more than enough for most urban deliveries. MellowVans are also great for urban advertising, with focused, location-specific campaigns. They have been developed with feedback from some of the world’s leading e-commerce and delivery companies. Our vehicles are safe and feature full Internet of things functionality, combined with bespoke client-specific offerings like cold-chain and sensing features. We are also working with several partners in creating an autonomous version of our vehicle.

Value Propositions

Mellowvans are electric delivery vehicles that provide low-cost, efficient, and safe last-mile deliveries.

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