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The road freight sector is the backbone of the EU economy, presenting a €250bn industry with 38.6m commercial road vehicles, 1.5 million jobs and a 2% contribution to the GDP whereas 44% of all commercial goods in the EU are currently being transported by road. Despite its importance to the EUs interconnectivity and economic health, the road transport sector is being heavily scrutinized due to its excessive CO2 emissions. In fact, even though commercial road fleets (i.e. heavy-duty commercial vehicles - HCV) only represent 2% of the vehicles on the road, they emit 22% of the EUs total carbon emissions and their numbers, as well as CO2 emissions, are growing steadily with a 50% increase being projected between 2020 to 2050. This directly threatens the agreed-upon targets laid out in the Paris Agreement and the new Green Deal, namely 50% emission reductions by 2030, but decarbonizing road transport has proven exceptionally difficult due to a lack of suitable technologies. The inability to comply with regulations and a high degree of uncertainty in respect to technology availability can lead to an unprecedented level of SMEs destruction over the next 5 years. Road fleet businesses are not digital: 65% of all the EUs Road Freight companies are currently not using digital fleet management or telematics solutions to optimize their daily operations. 

Based on cutting-edge data science, Meight developed an intelligent telematics solution that allows road freight businesses to immediately reduce their carbon emissions by 20%, save fuel costs, benefit from full digitization as well as safely transition to future-proof technologies such as electric HCVs. This solution consists of telematics hardware a cloud software that utilizes machine-learning to optimize the efficiency of the entire fleet by improving, for the first time, each individual driver’s performance.

Our solution allows small businesses to recoup their technology investments quickly, ROI achieved in 1.5 months.

Value Propositions

At Meight we strive to learn about motion in all its complexity, and use that knowledge to improve the way we all move. Using data from millions of journeys, we anticipate what drivers will do in the next split-second, so we can help them spend less and use less journey-by-journey.

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