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Future Mobility Sustainable City Logistics
SaaS, B2B, Fuel, Digital Twins, Road Freight, Trucks

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Decarbonising road transport has proven exceptionally difficult due to a lack of suitable technologies. In fact, 65% of all the EU road freight companies are currently not using digital fleet management or telematics solutions to optimize their daily operations.

Based on cutting-edge data science, Meight developed an intelligent telematics solution that allows road freight businesses to immediately reduce their carbon emissions by 20%, save fuel costs, benefit from full digitisation and safely transition to future-proof technologies such as electric HCVs. This solution uses machine-learning to optimise the efficiency of the entire fleet by improving, for the first time, each individual driver’s performance.

Meight solution allows small businesses to recoup their technology investments quickly, with ROI achieved in 1.5 months.

Value Propositions

Meight is the most advanced carrier software to boost profitability, scale operations and retain truckers. Meight’s patented technology makes costumers run their cargo on budget and on time.

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