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Artificial intelligence, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Micromobility, MaaS, Decision-Making

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Public transport authorities, Public entities, Transport operators



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Transport operators, Public entities, Cities, Mobility service providers

MeePath is a data platform that integrates private and public data (from users, mobility operators, city services and environmental information). The platform is able to produce conclusions, predictions and simulations, among other features in a dashboard. Clients have access to analytics, geo analytics, simulations, fleet management, support, user experience and financial data all in one platform.

  • Public administrators use MeePath to understand how citizens move and consume city services to better understand how their cities work and how they can adapt them to their citizens.
  • Private operators use MeePath to understand how people move, to better manage their fleets.

Value Propositions

MeePath is a data platform that tracks, describes and predicts the behaviour of a city’s inhabitants, providing the necessary information to take decisions based on the power of data.

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