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Accessibility & Inclusivity
Citizen engagement, Map-based questionnaire, Communication, SaaS, PPGIS

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transportation and mobility planners, local authorities



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citizens, stakeholders

Maptionnaire is a hassle-free citizen engagement platform. It enables cities, consultancies, and research organizations to easily collect local insights and make GIS-backed decisions. 

At its core are map-based tools for designing questionnaires, collecting information, and analysing data. It enables planners to understand mobility preferences and collect improvement ideas and feedback form residents and stakeholders. Maptionnaire also helps to collaborate, report, and communicate about planning projects.

Maptionnaire is a subscription-based service that comes in three plans, each containing a set of modules serving the different needs of effective community engagement. Maptionnaire software is browser-based and works with any device. The service always includes technical support and training. Maptionnaire’s customers have gathered more than 25 million responses that influenced 13,000+ planning projects across more than 40 countries.

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Value Propositions

Maptionnaire is a hassle-free citizen engagement platform that enables city planners to easily collect local insights and make GIS-backed decisions for creating liveable spaces.

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