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Future Mobility
Location-based content application, Largest location-based entertainment and culture source, AI content creation, B2B and B2B2C model

Product client

Car maker s offer to passengers and drivers;, Mobile platforms gives it to mobile users, Rental agencies offer it to their clients, Travel and tourist agencies offer it to travelers on their mobile.



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Product end user

Passengers, Travelers, mobile providers, car rentals

Mappo developed an AI technology able to layer on a map any content on it's precise location. This technology create endless textual, music, video points of interest (POI). Mappo offers an opportunity for car makers (in-car experience), cities, car rentals, travel agencies, publishers and mobile platforms by creating POIs everywhere on the globe.

Thanks to its advanced technology Mappo succeded to work with car makers (Ford, VW, Audi, Porsche, Renault), cities (Paris, Tel Aviv) and tier 1 (Harman, Faurcia, Continental).

Mappo is heading now to develop it's mobile app and to set connections with smart cities and local tourist agencies .

Value Propositions

Aiming to become the world largest location-based in-vehicle entertainment and cultural content platform for future mobility.

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Just started patent registration

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