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mobility survey, survey analytics, citizen engagement, public participation, survey app, mobility analytics, SUMP, data gathering

Product client

private company, technoparks, mobility consultants, municipality, mobility planning company, university, academy, transport planning company, household survey company



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Product end user

private company, university, mobility consultants, mobility service providers, technoparks, municipality, academy, mobility planning company

Mapalyse is a public participation GIS tool for the effective multimodal mobility management by mobility surveys and map-based analytics. 

  • Route drawing on the map by selecting the mode of transportation
  • Map-based analysis of settlements, preferred modes of transport, etc. in a fast and easy way
  • Analyzing the locations of dangerous points that will threaten traffic safety on the routes and their effects on mobility behaviors

Usage Areas Example:

  • Mobility behavior analysis and management of employees for companies, institutions, etc.
  • Mobility behavior analysis and management of students and parents, routes to school, etc.
  • Potential danger points, settlements, etc. representation and analysis

Value Propositions

Increase citizen engagement by collecting public opinions to understand mobility behavior and desires within map-based mobility surveys and analytics tools

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