Mapalyse: Public Participation GIS Tool

Increase citizen engagement by collecting public opinions to understand mobility behavior and desires within map-based mobility surveys and analytics tools

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Creating Public Realm

Mapalyse is a public participation GIS tool for the effective multimodal mobility management by mobility surveys and map-based analytics. 

  • Route drawing on the map by selecting the mode of transportation
  • Map-based analysis of settlements, preferred modes of transport, etc. in a fast and easy way
  • Analysing the locations of dangerous points that will threaten traffic safety on the routes and their effects on mobility behaviours

Usage areas example:

  • Mobility behaviour analysis and management of employees for companies, institutions, etc.
  • Mobility behaviour analysis and management of students and parents, routes to school, etc.
  • Potential danger points, settlements, etc. representation and analysis