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Multi-Actor Analysis, Multi-Criteria Analysis, Participatory Decision-Making, Stakeholder Engagement, Validation Tool, Scenario Evaluation, Scaling Solutions

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Universities, Research Centres, Consultancies, Policy Makers, Industries



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Teachers, Students, Researchers, Consultants, Policy Makers, Industries

Multi-Actor Multi-Criteria Analysis (MAMCA)

Do you have to deal with complex projects where several stakeholders are involved?

They are discussing about different possible options, but it´s difficult to find a common ground?

With the MAMCA, you can explicitly take their objectives into account and come to a good overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the different options. It enables policy makers or project developers to get an insight of what is at stake and see if there is a support for certain options by many stakeholders and how it could be implemented.

For whom?

  • Most of previous applications of the MAMCA were used to recommend policy makers about a strategic direction supported by stakeholders. It helps them to design policies in a bottom-up approach. ​
  • Consultants can use the software to integrate stakeholder’s point of views in their project evaluations. It can show in one environment which scenarios are the most supported by the different stakeholders.
  • The MAMCA software can be used by industries to validate with local stakeholders which variant of a solution is most suited and to identify the users/customers preferences prior to implementation.
  • The MAMCA has a long track record of development in research. This methodology is always being improved. Applications of the methodology are also expanding. Many different research centres and universities are using the MAMCA software to engage more stakeholders in their projects.​
  • The MAMCA-software can be used by teachers for educational purposes. Students learn the complexity of settings with several stakeholders and within one lecture a full MAMCA exercise can be run. The students can be set in the role of one the stakeholder groups and they can give priorities to their own objectives. A rich discussion is possible at the end.

Value Propositions

The MAMCA software has been successfully used to stimulate stakeholders engagement in complex decision-making process, to evaluate different alternatives based on the objectives of each stakeholder, and to increase the support for the selected alternative (e.g. projects, policies, solutions). Furthermore, the MAMCA software is suited for validating and scaling products or services.

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