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Sustainable City Logistics Mobility Infrastructure Accessibility & Inclusivity Pollution Reduction
Logistics, congestion, infrastructure, decarbonisation, freight

Product client

Construction companies, Urban development offices, architects



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Product end user

Cities & local governments, Any company shipping goods (commerce/services), Any company transporting goods (materials/waste), Citizens

Magway develops the software and systems design of the Magway solution that offers a sustainable, all-electric, innovative means for transporting goods, to reduce carbon emissions and increase efficiency within supply chains. The software is integrated with 3rd party partner hardware providing a system that can be offered to customers to purchase or lease.   

Customers benefit from:
- An entirely electric, emissions-free mode of goods transportation (Scope 1)
- Utilising significantly less energy than any currently known alternatives, thereby reducing the need for extensive renewable energy infrastructure (Scope 2)
- Avoiding the need to use batteries or other materials that are difficult to recycle (Scope 3)

Magway also contributes to cost savings in high-throughput goods transportation operations through:
- Lowering the energy requirements for transporting goods
- Operating autonomously, eliminating the need for human drivers
- Exhibiting durability with maintenance costs

Value Propositions

The zero-emissions, scalable transportation system that revolutionises supply chains by moving goods without batteries or fuels, improving costs and efficiency.

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