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Active Mobility Multimodality Accessibility & Inclusivity
MaaS, API, intermodal applications

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cities, public transport authorities, mobility service providers, companies, Travel industry



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citizens, employees, travellers

In few lines of code, connect your platform to the distribution systems of more than 2,500 mobility service providers, public and private, across Europe.

From planning to booking, we strive to provide your end users with a seamless end-to-end experience and cover all their mobility needs. Without any deeplink, you can instantly access to a vast Mobility Marketplace of various transportation services : public transport, trains, VTC, taxis, ferries, micro-mobility services, shared services, car rentals, parking, electric charging points and more.

Agile and optimized, our APIs platform has been tailored to fit and cover any type of infrastructure. For you, we do the hard work searching, contracting, centralizing and ensuring interoperability between the different transport providers! Today, a few million users use our platform through our customer's MaaS and intermodal applications.

Value Propositions

One integration, Countless mobility providers wordlwide - with our toolbox, we help public authorities and mobility providers to design and deploy intermodal solution, quickly and at lower cost.

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