Long Clean Surface

LONG CLEAN SURFACE provides permanent disinfection to public spaces and transport. This brings safety to users while reducing maintenance costs to service providers.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

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The products currently used in disinfection of public spaces and transport are mostly bleach and soap. These are very effective against SARS-CoV-2, but their action is instantaneous and does not remain minutes after application. This implies significant maintenance is required, with corresponding costs.

LONG CLEAN SURFACE will revolutionise the world of disinfection of public spaces with a formulation that provides permanent disinfection. It can be applied on common surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic and ceramics, making it ideal for public areas and transport. It has been tested to have 99.9% efficiency against SARS-CoV-2, therefore virtually eliminating the possibility of contact transmission when using these services.

The use of LONG CLEAN SURFACE in public spaces will give the population new confidence in their mobility. It will also reduce maintenance and cleaning costs for these spaces.