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Pollution Reduction
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Imagine a world without a carbon footprint.

Though the idea of no pollution still may be just an abstract concept — KINTO Join believes that striving for it is not in vain!

With KINTO Join’s unique carpooling technology, they have enabled the reduction of the total number of cars on the streets thus lowering the global environmental footprint. 

KINTO Join has gone a step further and created two additional features to help further the cause — Walking and Cycling. With these additions, their dream of a pollution-free world draws closer!


The app connects employees sharing the same route to work, and verifies shared journeys in real time. The dashboard monitors carpooling trips and their positive environmental impact.

Walking & cycling

The app allows users to record sustainable journeys and monitor environmental savings. Employers can use the dashboard to set up an incentivization system and generate reports.

Value Propositions

KINTO Join helps communities and organisation lower their CO2 footprint by providing technology that is used by their members, which motivates them to commute sustainably.

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