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Sustainable City Logistics Mobility & Energy
h2 mobility, hydrogen, clean mobility, zero emission, hydrogen engine

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Logistics companies, Freight carriers, Fleet operators, public transport companies



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(Food)Retailer, Drugstores, e-commerce companies, Truck operators, breweries, industrial corporations, Commercial vehicle rentals

KEYOU is a successful clean mobility company based in Munich which developed innovative hydrogen technologies since 2015. With its technology approach, KEYOU is transforming conventional diesel engines into emission-free hydrogen engines - cost-efficiently and without extensive modifications to the base engine. With the engine conversion and integration of a hydrogen tank system, KEYOU offers its customers emission-free, efficient, and economical hydrogen vehicles - without compromising performance, capacity, and range.

In addition to conversion and a CO2-free "second life" for existing vehicles, KEYOU's "Hydrogen Mobility as a Service" approach is a fully comprehensive hydrogen mobility solution. The package ranges from the vehicle and engine conversion over fuel and infrastructure to insurance, service, and maintenance. With KEYOU, zero-emission mobility becomes a reality.

Value Propositions

KEYOU offers its customers emission-free, efficient, and economical hydrogen vehicles through the conversion of conventional Diesel vehicles - without compromising performance, capacity, and range.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

As pioneer in H2 engine technology, KEYOU has been breaking ground in innovation and thus contributing to technology breakthroughs.

Some of the know-how acquired, for the novelty and inventiveness, was translated into patents. These not only protect and give exclusive rights in several current KEYOU-inside technology features, but also anticipate future applications/markets/customers needs, providing a solid strategic position and adding further value to our products.

Topic: H2–DeNOx Catalyst

Description of technology: most effective catalytic powder elements combination for a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) exhaust after-treatment system that reduces NOx emissions to near-zero, using H2 as the reduction element.

Reference (we have two regarding this): DE 10 2016 107 466, DE 10 2018 127 219

Topic: H2 Direct Injection strategy

Description of technology: Injection operating strategy for optimizing H2-air mixture homogenization, maximizing filling and reducing compression work.

Reference: DE 10 2017 120 512

Topic: H2 engine load control with EGR

Description of technology: Strategy to control a charged H2 lean-burn combustion by modeling both boost pressure and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). Engine output adjustment uses air mass flow as well as EGR mass flow.

Reference: DE 10 2018 122 963

Topic: H2 PFI nozzle

Description of technology: Optimized induced jet expansion to improve premixing of hydrogen and air leading to a better mixture homogenization at the time of ignition.

Reference: DE 10 2020 113 626

Topic: H2 Residual Gas Model

Description of technology: Model and method for precise control of lambda in each cylinder, according to our EGR strategy at higher loads and H2 lean combustion concept.

Reference: DE 10 2021 121 214

Topic: H2 Direct Injection Induced Tumble

Description of technology: Technique to promote tumble in-cylinder charge motion and mixture homogenization resorting to injection, cylinder wall, piston bowl and piston movement.

Reference: DE 10 2021 123 461

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