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Future Mobility
Shared mobility, Car-as-a-Service, Phone-as-a-Key, Keyless access, Connected cars

Product client

End user, Car rental services



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Product end user

International travellers, Tourists, Citizens

Liigu app gives customers the full mobile experience - customers can choose the car, verify ID and get the guidance to the car all in Liigu app. And the coolest thing is that Liigu transforms phones into car keys by using Phone as a Key (PaaK) technology. 

We have our own fleet and we are running our operations throughout the whole customer journey - starting from online sales, providing connected vehicles and having live customer support.

Liigu offers a convenient customer journey and booking flow via its own webpage and mobile app as well as through our partners’ sales channels.

With Liigu, the customer can have a car anytime anywhere without having to own it and worry about its maintenance, cost, and sustainability. Our vision is a future, where the convenience of personal mobility and environmentally friendly car usage can go hand in hand.

Experience more, worry less! 

Value Propositions

Liigu is an app-based mobility service that connects cars to customers via mobile phone.

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