KERB: Smart Parking Solutions

KERB is a global-from-Day-One "smart parking" and mobility platform. Our unique solution allows us to capture immense sets of behavioural data on customers beyond vehicles.

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Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

Parking is a global problem faced by commuters in every city. Not only is parking a grudge purchase, but it also causes congestion which increases emissions. Cities have thousands of under-utilized spaces that could be used for parking cars, motorbikes, caravans, trucks, boats - even helicopters or planes.

KERB thinks beyond traditional ways of parking, activating the kerbside for more sustainable kerbside services. Barriers, tickets and pay machines make it difficult for drivers to simply park and go. Most Car Parks don’t have an online booking system or app and those that do fail to deliver a streamlined booking and payment system for their users.

KERB is a global kerbside ecosystem, localised in over 600 cities worldwide in over 20 languages focused on re-imagining urban mobility in the smart cities of tomorrow. We help drivers find spaces and parking operators find drivers.

KERB can completely automate on and off-street parking, permit parking and enforcement. No need for expensive parking meters, pay machines and high maintenance gates. The KERB app and website allows users to book and pay for parking before they arrive, or as they drive out.

The KERB Box™ which tracks the users mobile phone unlike the traditional vehicle registration validation is the only system in the world that gives owners and operators data on who is in the car park and when allowing for hands free, secure access and payment via the mobile as well as a more personalised user experience.

Parking is just the first of several mobility-related services to which KERB will eventually apply its technology. The KERB brand was initially conceived with the view that it had the potential to become far more than just a parking app. At least half of the world’s 8 billion people come into contact with the kerb every single day. EV-charging, parcel pick-ups, breakdown services and car-sharing are a few examples of mobility-related services we intend to add to the platform.