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Accessibility & Inclusivity
Carpooling, IA, Future Mobility, Pollution Reduction, Multimodality

Product client

Local public transport authority, Company, Territory, Transport association, Universities



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Product end user

Workers, People Using their car to daily commute

Karos Mobility offers the most reliable carpooling service for daily trips in Europe. The company’s goal is to provide a sustainable mobility solution for rural and suburban areas, where driving a car is most of the time the only solution.

To do so, Karos Mobility works with companies willing to develop a carpooling service with exclusive benefits for their employees, and it collaborates with local authorities to set up a carpooling service adapted to the needs and specificities of their area; an inclusive mobility solution contributes to improving the accessibility of company sites and enhancing the purchasing power of employees (+97€/month). The company also helps to reduce CO2 emissions for companies and regions in a significant way (+13,600 tons of CO2 emissions avoided since the creation of the service).

Value Propositions

Karos is the best AI-powered carpooling mobile app that offers optimized door-to-door itineraries. With Karos, carpooling becomes reliable, flexible and seamless, just like taking public transport.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

We have received numerous awards and European prizes. Among others, we have been selected in the “Top 100 start-ups facing the main humankind challenges'' as part of the G20 innovation league, we benefited from the EIC Accelerator R&D program and won the EIB Scale Up prize.

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