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Jonna bikes are a great fit for anyone who wants a quality bike, but do not want to spend time or money on service, nor take large risks of theft. As a subscription service Jonna bikes are a great fit for those who need a bike the coming months to a year - or simply want to get a bike fast.
Bikes ordered online are either delivered or available for pickup within a day and service issues are resolved within 2 working days. Jonna builds the Jonna bikes, allowing re-usage and refurbishment of parts far beyond the regular lifetime of a bike.
Jonna has partnerships with universities as a large share of our riders are students and academics. The other share of users are established Stockholmers who recur year after year.
Being based in a Nordic city - Jonna offers options for winter tyres as well as seasonal biking.

Value Propositions

Jonna's bike subscription service is convenient and sustainable, with efficient service resolution, seasonal options, and a strong focus on refurbishing bikes to promote a circular economy.

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