Intercomp Smart Parking Systems for Smart Cities

Smart Parking Systems® is the solution to govern and manage efficiently all processes and activities related to parking on the road.

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Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

Intercomp Smart Parking Systems┬« allows to make the most of the city parking, guaranteeing its functional use to the planned strategies.

It allows to increase earnings from the first day of installation without burdening users, but by acting on efficiency.

By increasing the turnover index, with equity in payments, it can provide innovative services to make everyday life easier for process managers, citizens, residents, economic operators and protected categories.

The data related to the free/occupied status of each parking space is collected in real time by smart parking sensors and associated with the payments or parking permits.

A modern on-street parking control system can only be achieved by combining the payment information with the place and time the vehicle is parked.

The management software processes this data and makes it available for use and consultation by authorized parties (municipality operators, mobility manager, enforcement operators, users etc.).