INSPECH Assessment: Digital tool for road conditions assessment and reporting

Designed to improve the inspection process, from data collection to inspection to reporting. At its core, INSPECH transforms traditionally time-consuming and manual tasks into streamlined processes.

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Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

Efficiency meets expertise with INSPECH Assessment, an advanced digital inspection tool designed with unwavering dedication by road inspectors for road inspectors. Engineered to streamline the inspection process, INSPECH Assessment automates workflows, slashing the time it takes to transform inspector insights into tangible results.

Enriched by AI, it not only expedites inspections but also empowers professionals to elevate their discernment, backed by data-driven insights. Road data, collected with professional equipment or a simple GoPro, is uploaded to INSPECH Assessment, that swiftly generates an interactive digital twin on a dynamic map. This advanced map isn't just a visual representation; it's an editable canvas, enhancing and speeding up your inspection capabilities.