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Future Mobility Mobility Infrastructure
Roadworks planning, Infrastructure, Urban mobility, Simulation

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Road operators, Public authority, Land developer



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Citizens, Public authority, Land developers

In order to help you develop strategies to minimise congestion and address the environmental challenges network operators and Public Authorities are facing , Immense has created a platform to manage the transportation networks and analyse policies impacts using powerful simulation and predictive modelling coupled with accurate ‘digital twins’.

The company's agent-based mesoscopic highway simulator represents a ‘day in the life’ of the transport network across a full 24-hour period (not just the peaks), helping you understand the system-wide impact of disruptions and assess multiple mitigation scenarios across different times of the day. Immense moves vehicles on the network considering car-following dynamics, junction and gap acceptance behaviours, aiming at simulating realistic vehicle behaviour.

Value Propositions

Infrastructure Operations simulator that allows you to: - Quickly assess the impact of road closures and speed limitations - Assess several "what if" scenarios before committing to a particular solution

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