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Active Mobility Accessibility & Inclusivity
Inclusive mobility, E-bike, Paratransit, A-to-B travel, Rickshaw

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Paratransit services, Medical services, Hospitals, Private households



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Product end user

Elderly, Physical impaired people

Cities strive for social mobility systems

Next to improving environmental aspects, building sustainable urban mobility systems also requires recognition of a social dimension. Society demands innovative means of mobility that are appropriate to age and physical limitations. Not only considering the demographic evolution of society, also people with disabilities want to move freely and enjoy the mobility of the future.

InclusivEbike offers safe A to B transport for people with physical impairment

InclusivEbike extends on the SUM-X e-cargo bike platform. The ultra-light chassis has an aesthetic design while providing structural safety through the roll cage, head rest and lateral safety cushions for the passenger. Despite the presence of the plexiglas panel to protect the passenger against atmospheric agents, the passenger-driver relationship is easy to maintain during the trip as proximity allows for dialogue. InclusivEbike is installed with a robotic loading ramp to support transport of wheelchair drivers, while the platform provides equipment to lift and mount the wheelchair securely. Thus, InclusivEbike has the advantage that the person does not need to leave its chair at the departure of the trip but is able to directly enter to the bike´s transport platform via the ramp. Hence, InclusiveEbike gives more autonomy to the transport user in comparison to other bike solutions for disabled people since the user plan A to B trip taking the wheelchair to the final destination of the trip. Thanks to the power-assistance the additional weight is no issue for the driver and even hilly urban environments become accessible.

No privilege – Sustainable urban mobility can be socially inclusive!

With InclusivEbike, even elderly and impaired can enjoy the experience of sustainable micromobility rides. That´s why InclusivEbike is the ideal solution for individual paratransit service provider that would like give their clients the experience of sustainable urban mobility.

Value Propositions

InclusivEbike removes barriers for physical impaired people to experience sustainable A to B transport in a safe and comfortable way. In times of the Covid-19 pandemic, InclusiveEbike is an environment-friendly mean of transport that ensures mobility while mass public transport systems are not accessible or unsafe.

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