Hyke: Smart City Shuttle

Hyke’s mission is to provide cities with a mobility and transportation solution that utilises waterways in a cost reducing, sustainable, efficient, and enjoyable manner. 

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Energy

Hyke’s Smart City Shuttle is a fully electric vessel meticulously designed to offer a seamless transportation experience. The vessel has a capacity of 50-70 passengers and is ESTR-IN certified, enabling all city-goers including wheelchair users, cyclists, and cargo bikes to enjoy the Hyke experience.

Hyke shuttles are equipped with a condition-aware autonomous navigation system, which offers significant time and energy savings compared to manual operations. The shuttles are equipped with obstacle detection, route navigation, target tracking, and decision support technology.

Hyke vessels have the capability to operate in complete autonomy. The Hyke vessel is designed from the bottom up for a highly efficient and enjoyable transportation experience, adaptable for major cities across the globe. Hyke's mission is to move transportation from crowded streets to peaceful waterways by creating a multi-modal transportation network that supports cities, citizens, and sustainable development.