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Rail, Decarbonization, Hydrogen, Locomotive, Train

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Public and private train and locomotive operators



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Public and private train operators

DIGAS serves locomotive operators with instant solutions to decarbonize the locomotive fleet in operation by retrofitting from diesel to Biomethane (BioLNG & BioCNG) and now to Hydrogen (H2). The company has deployed the first in the EU certified retrofitted diesel locomotives on both gaseous fuels, LNG & CNG and has received the special prize from Europe's Rail Joint Undertaking for Rail within the European Startup Prize for Mobility 2022. The product is quickly and simply installed onto diesel engine converting it into an alternative fuel engine where environmentally friendly, clean, and inexpensive fuel (H2, Biomethane in the form of CNG and LNG) is used to substitute polluting and expensive diesel fuel. 

If you are a train or locomotive operator in need of instant decarbonization or compliance with your ESG targets at just a fraction of the price of purchasing a new hydrogen train or locomotive, DIGAS is your solution!

Value Propositions

An instant decarbonization and compliance with ESG targets for rail operators.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

PATENTS ISSUED: «System for Gas-and-diesel fuel feed with a variable ignition dose and for regulation of rotation of rotational rate of diesel engine»

PATENTS PENDING: EU patent NR. EP19205416.1 «A method of controlling a locomotive diesel engine using...»

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