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Future Mobility Pollution Reduction
Active Mobility, Micro Mobility, Bike, Reducing pollution, Car alternative

Product client

Cyclists, Private, Public Authorities, Business, Bicycle Trade, Mobility Trade, Sharing Services



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Product end user

Citizens, Cyclists, Property management, Delivery services, Pharmacies, Caretaker services, Outpatient care services

The start-up Hopper Mobility is building an innovative vehicle for a modern and liveable city.

The "Hopper" combines the best features of a car and a bicycle - three wheels, two seats, a roof and a boot, everything needed in the city. The bicycle-registered vehicle takes its passengers to their destination comfortably, quickly and rain-safe, while emitting 90% less CO2 than e-cars.

The founders come from the automotive industry and want to make mobility sustainable and future-proof with Hopper.

Value Propositions

Hopper is the enviromental friendly car alternative.

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