Honeycomb: Universal Charging Locker Pods for Micromobility

Honeycomb Network is installing universal, smart charging locker pods with built-in fire-prevention for private micromobility.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

Private micromobility offers a clean, cheap and convenient method of transport. However, users suffer from theft and range anxiety and landlords are concerned about the fire and trip risks that they pose.

To solve this Honeycomb Network have developed a universal, smart charging micromobility locker. The app-accessed locker enables safe, secure and reliable usage of private micromobility. The key USP is a novel, universal charger. This charger uses intelligent battery diagnostics to characterise each battery that is plugged in, allowing us to safely charge any private e-scooter, regardless of: model, connector, battery voltage, capacity or current. This charger also enables other key USPs: fire prevention systems, which shuts down charging once any fault is detected, preventing fires from faulty batteries; and smart charging, which can prolong a typical battery’s lifetime by up to 100%.

Costumers interested in piloting a locker please get in touch.