Happy City: Digital parking for shared micromobility

Sparkpark keeps pedestrian safe, help cities meet the UN sustainability and development goals with smart parked e-vehicles in every busy city.

Product Details

Designed for

Public Transport Operators



Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure


Sparkpark is delivering a global patented digital parking-infrastructure, for any type of shared micromobility vehicle, with the highest precision.


Sparkpark helps to the development of the market for a sustainable future for shared micromobility by introducing the company's high precision parking technology, which is a missing component of the ecosystem.


Happy City® makes parking of shared electric vehicles organized and safe. The combination of own developed hardware and software in Happy City®, makes parking of electric vehicles organized and safe.


The general public, local authorities, rental companies, and e-scooter users are all connected through Happy City®. Using its special patented technique for determining whether electric vehicles are inside a designated parking zone. The same APP that was used to rent the e-vehicle serves as the hub for the entire procedure.