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Sustainable tourism, MaaS, Micromobility, Hospitality, Non-room revenue

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hotels, restaurants, poi, museums, tourism boards



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tourists, citizens, cyclists

GoGiro is a platform that boosts non-room revenue for hotels.

Non-room revenue is any revenue that is generated outside of renting rooms. It’s one of the main revenue drivers in hospitality. However, as soon as guests leave a hotel in the morning, the standard revenue streams are cut off for the entire day.

GoGiro solves this problem by offering a turnkey solution for the hotel to provide their guests with an automated digital tour guide experience around their location. Hotels just put in a link to a digital tour guide sales page in their automated pre-stay emailing. After buying an experience guests simply scan the QR code, select the experience, and off they go. The app will navigate them through the city and act as a digital tour guide, explaining points of interest as they go.

GoGiro promotes micro-mobility options that allow guests to visit the touristic environment in a sustainable manner - while offering hotels to lever non-room revenue streams.

Value Propositions

GoGiro supports sustainable tourism while driving non-room revenue streams for city hotels.

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GoGiro is trademarked

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