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Future Mobility Multimodality Accessibility & Inclusivity
Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Corporate Mobility, Demand Responsive Transport (DRT), Multimodal, Micromobility

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Cities, Private Companies, Fleet Operators, Shared Mobility Operators, Real Estate, Hospitality, Hotels, Factories



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Citizens, Employees

Giravolta unleashes the power of shared vehicles and on-demand mobility solutions for innovative & forward-looking cities, operators and organizations.

For Cities:

  • Reduce vehicles: One shared vehicle is equivalent to 10 private
  • Optimise operations: transform public transport with inefficient lines running with fixed schedule, to on-demand. All possible with our own mobility algorithm.
  • Better planning: Creating a data ecosystem allows better service planification and urban organization. See where rides (demand) are being requested and schedule your vehicles accordingly
  • Promote active mobility: (like biking) not only supports reducing C02, but also positively affects healthy lifestyles

For Companies:

  • Reduce maintenance & ops costs by 50% for your internal fleet of department vehicles for your offices or factories
  • Free-up parking spaces and make travelling more pleasant and efficient through the use of alternative means of transport, such as micromobility and on-demand
  • Reduce CO2 footprint

Value Propositions

The Giravolta mobility platform supports cities and companies to optimise their fleets, reduce environmental impact and improve traffic efficiency, including parking in cities.

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