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Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Corporate Mobility, Demand Responsive Transport (DRT), Multimodal, Software as a Service (SaaS)

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Cities, Private Companies, Fleet Operators, Facility Managment Services



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Citizens, Employees

GIRAVOLTA Mobility Platform has been developed by SEAT:CODE as a highly scalable service due to its asset light approach and use of state-of-the-art technologies. All developments are meant with the purpose of being the key of cities’ mobility transformation enabling different mobility services, from e-scooter sharing to carsharing.

Current services on the GIRAVOLTA platform:
  • Digital vehicle sharing services for cars, scooters, bikes, etc.
  • Demand Responsive Transportation / on-demand shuttle services (ByBus)

GIRAVOLTA offers custom better quality service that differs substantially from the current ones on the market. It is fast, user-friendly and sustainable.

Benefits of using GIRAVOLTA Mobility Plaftorm:

For Cities:

  • Reduce vehicles: One shared vehicle is equivalent to 10 private vehicles.
  • Better planning: The use of data in the cities and the platfrom brought together creates a data ecosystem which will allow better service planification and urban organization.
  • Promoting active mobility not only supports reducing emissions, but also positively affects employees health, making them move actively, such as with electrical bikes.

For Companies (corporate mobility):

  • Reduce maintenance and operations costs by 50% for internal fleet of department cars, substitution cars, factory bikes, etc.
  • Free up parking spaces at factory sites and make travelling more pleasant and efficient through the use of alternative means of transport.
  • Shared fleet, happy employees: By letting your employees take vehicle for personal use, the company will monetize the fleet and will optimize the use of vehicles. Morevoer, it will increase the employee’s satisfaction.
  • Reduce CO2 footprint.

Value Propositions

  • Widely compatible because of multi vehicle and multi brand connectivity.
  • 100% Digital, including digital acess and key through native APP’s and fleet management with responsive web based backoffice.
  • Data driven decision making through real-time dashboard of fleet usage, user behaviour and frequency, demand patterns and forecasts.

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