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Sustainable City Logistics Mobility Infrastructure
logistics, waste, sustainability, circular economy, transparency

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waste producers, waste processors, municipalities



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waste producers, waste processors

geoFluxus integrates a life cycle analysis methodology that helps understand the impact of transport and processing of waste streams. The analytical insights and surfaced alternative processors support the decision-making regarding supply chain sourcing and management.

geoFluxus provides the required support and encouragement to companies to become more sustainable and facilitates the circular economy transition throughout The Netherlands. geoFluxus does this by targeting the way in which companies use and dispose of resources. This provides the transparency that is currently missing in the waste-to-resource sector.

By this we give you a powerful tool to simplify your waste management and boost to your circular ambitions. We guarantee you: a smaller ecological footprint and greater financial can go together.

Value Propositions

geoFluxus helps you to find better alternatives for your future waste processing, and provides reporting on your waste processing.

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