Climate Coins: Gamification app for climate protection

Combine municipal climate protection with local business development through Climate Coins programme.

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Challenge Area addressed

Pollution Reduction

Focus on gamification and a playful approach to the topic of climate protection. Avoid bans and restrictions. Combine municipal climate protection with local business development. Join the Climate Coins network. A program in which 14 cities in Germany are already successfully participating. Get valuable insights into your city's mobility to master the transportation and energy transition.
Climate Coins are good for people, the economy and the climate. 

The Climate Coins program consists of: 

  • The Climate Coins Gamification App for Android and iOS.
  • The merchant portal for the Climate Coins acceptance points
  • A marketing campaign to communicate your participation. Consisting of posters, flyers, templates and digital communication elements like the iFrame banner, Friends invite friends features and the Climate Partner Wallet system.