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Indoor navigation, Security, Last mile navigation, Indoor management

Product client

Parking lots, Airports, Underground train stations, Expo areas



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Product end user

Datamining, Assets management, Staff management, Visitors

GalNav Indoor patented system uses micro simulators to transmit standard GNSS signals that deliver low-cost and highly accurate indoor positioning (within 2 meters) for humans, machines, and various assets in different indoor environments. GalNav micro simulators are creating ‘virtual holes in the roof’ that brings the satellites signals indoors and enabling positioning - fully synchronized to the external GNSS system - to an unlimited number of receivers.

While GPS has brought many benefits, indoor navigation remains an unaddressed segment. This limitation has prevented full exploitation of GNSS technology - with Europeans spending 90% of their time indoors. Today there is still no effective indoor navigation system in a modern era such as malls, hospitals, Expo area, mine and positioning for emergency calls from indoor.

Currently, GNSS constellations (i.e. EU’s Galileo) cannot meet the requirements of indoor positioning with conventional receivers.

Value Propositions

GalNav indoor initially enables turn-by-turn navigation for website visitors, for example an airport - but immediately after installation enables: Management of passengers, staff & assets.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

Patented at USA, EU - Germany, France,  UK, Nederland, Ireland, Finland, Belgium. Canada, Russia, China, Taiwan  

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