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Future Mobility
SaaS, Video analytics, Mobility data, Data & Analytics, Smart City, Micromobility, Data gathering

Product client

Real estate developers, Municipalities



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Product end user

Urban planners, Mobility service providers, Real estate developers, Traffic engineers, Space & occupancy planners, Parking managers, Asset managers

Helping build better places with data: real-time occupancy & mobility data + insights

  • Fyma is an urban analytics company that uses AI computer vision technology to retrieve valuable, anonymized data from video feeds. We primarily partner with real estate developers and planners to help them use data to increase livability, walkability, and sustainability in multi-use developments, green spaces, and streets. 

  • You will be able to track, monitor, and learn from the metadata analyzed by Fyma AI. All this can be done using existing hardware - unlock the potential of your CCTV and turn your cameras into a powerful analytics tool.

Value Propositions

Unlock the full potential of your commercial real estate portfolio with our data and insights using your existing cameras

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