full&fast: Fully-Integrated Energy Storage Solutions

Delivering more than just power & energy. We finance access to energy for service and transport companies.

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Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Energy

full&fast: Affordable, efficient & reliable energy access to mobility service & transport companies, through a powerful Win-Win model.

  • With a monthly subscription, operations managers can face the difficulties in transitioning their fleets to electric vehicles (EVs) while keeping costs under control.
  • A B2B SaaS with a fully-Integrated Energy Storage Solutions Ease Complexity and Cost.

1. B2B SaaS

full&fast SaaS analyses historical data and predicts future demand patterns in real-time. This empowers companies to optimize their fleet utilization, minimize inefficiencies, and achieve significant cost savings. 

2. Energy Storage Solutions 

The fully-integrated systems work stand alone or connected to an existing low voltage electrical infrastructure and delivers energy to EVs and electrical equipment whenever and wherever needed. Not only can be used in most locations without a grid upgrade, but it can also be easily moved between sites and be connected