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Sustainable City Logistics Mobility & Energy Pollution Reduction
LEZ, Electric Vehicles, Urban Transport, Pollution Reduction, Noise Pollution Control

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Increasing demand for less polluting vehicle solutions

Cities all over the world face the challenge of low air quality due to traffic. Public authorities in Europe increasingly intervene by implementing low-emission zones, banning the most polluting vehicles types out of the city centre. However, inside this zone there are companies and people with special needs (deliveries, post, shops, goods etc.).

Having in mind that traditional cars will not be compatible with future urban mobility concepts, the demand for more sustainable and less polluting vehicles increases.

FS-E light electric vehicle solutions for urban transport

FS-E cars are the answer to the limitation of access to urban areas. We developed three smart electric delivery vans (3 size S, M, L up to 3,5t). Our innovations perfectly meet the needs and concerns of professional customers of electric vehicles regarding driving autonomy/range and charging comfort. Our innovative vans have the following features:

  • Efficient electric motors (no waste of energy);
  • Roof-integrated photovoltaic panels as an additional source of energy. PV-panels generate electric energy independent of the grid, increasing the driving range and autonomy of the electric vehicle;
  • Inductive and automated charging to increase the comfort for the user, by eliminating the need to personally connect a charging cable to the charging socket;
  • Bi-directional charging, allowing the driver to use the energy stored in the battery of the electric vehicle to supply to the external environment;
  • Battery capacity monitoring & planning: the FS-E app allows the customer to have control over the battery charging level from anywhere, thus being able to plan routes in advance. 

Value Propositions

FS-E develops technologies conducive to the environment and presents ways to reduce the emissions of air pollutants in urban agglomerations. 

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