Forfait Mobilité Durable

With RoadMate, reduce your company's carbon footprint.Our solutions is compatible with every mobility service and is capable allowing only those that fit with the company's goals.

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Challenge Area addressed

Pollution Reduction

RoadMate provides payment solutions for companies that want to encourage their employees to use eco-friendly mobility services.

In France, there is a tax free incentive called Forfait Mobilité Durable allocated by companies to their employees to be used for their daily commute. The goal is to move away from using a personal car to encourage employees to use green transport modes for their every day home-to-work trip.

Our Solution enables a company to ensure that the money allocated is used and spent accordingly. We provide a payment card along with an app for each employee and a dashboard for administration purposes. Our solution has an AI component that estimates the carbon print emitted from the transactions made.